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Our Thoughts... Scam
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In Sunday’s paper there was a story about a Midwest company sending letters into our area, telling folks that they can get certified deeds to their property for only $59.60.

If you received one of these letters from National Deed Service Inc. and you thought it was a good deal, you would be wrong. Although this letter is legal, it is a classic scam.

Linda Hays, clerk of Newton County courts, told us that you could obtain the same information for $2.50 from her office.

Please be aware that there are companies and individuals with the sole mission of taking advantage of unsuspecting and honest folks like you.

Our suggestion to you is this, if you receive a letter in the mail or an e-mail that you didn’t request, then it’s probably a scam — legal or not.

We suggest that if you have any doubt about such a letter or message, contact your local postal authorities or law enforcement agencies because they may very well be tracking companies such as National Deed Service Inc.

Do not ever give your social security number or driver’s license number, and especially a credit card number, to anyone you don’t know personally.

Banks and government agencies do not ever send you notes out of the blue requesting personal information.

We encourage you to discuss this editorial with your elderly relatives.

Don’t let them become part of some unethical person’s scam.