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Our Thoughts: Reflect this Fathers Day
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The world is a hectic place. Emails follow us home on our phones, communications from others are just 240 characters and a Tweet away and a non-stop news cycle floods us with the day’s troubles.

This week the hectic world got a little scarier, especially in the Orlando community, with the largest mass murder in American history, a tragedy that saw a young boy ripped from his family, and the murder of an aspiring young singer.
Those are sad and frightening events, the stuff of movies. However, it wasn’t a movie this week. It was reality for our neighbors to the south. And these events have many Americans worried and scared.

Those emotions are hard to grasp.

We think back to when we were worried and scared as children and who we turned to for solace. We at The News want to take a moment and remember what made those emotions easier for us as children. The assurance, guidance and love of a father was there when times were tough.

So, let’s remember that today, on Father’s Day.

Your father may have taught you that in tough times you should steel those emotions in order to help others, or that you could use those emotions in order to rise to the challenge, or that these emotions, like the events that cause them, will too pass and brighter days will be ahead.

These are all lessons we needed this week.

The world is always going to throw things at us that we don’t want (or know how) to catch. But it is how we handle the toss that will get us through.

For those that played catch with their fathers, this makes sense. The next ball could be the most beautiful catch you have ever made or it could be the one that hits you in the face if you aren’t careful. Either way, we learn a lesson from each toss.

Whether it was your father, your stepfather, your grandfather, or a father figure, those strong men in our lives helped us navigate through difficult times. They still do, whether in person or in memory.

Let’s use this Father’s Day to remember all those games of catch, the jokes he taught us, the important life-lesson talks, the wedding march he made with us and the other good times.

But let’s also take a look at dad and think of how he has molded and shaped us. It’s in the tough times that fathers often shine through. It’s the tough times that we were guided through that shaped us into the men, women, fathers and mothers we are today.

Thank you to all the fathers out there.

Happy Father’s Day.