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Our Thoughts: Political correctness
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It seems that over the last six years, we as a country have had to endure one scandal after another; distrust in any government entity is at the highest it has been in most of our lifetimes.

Although we are sure that there have been times in our history the corruptness and cowardice of our elected officials had been just as bad or worse because we are living now, this era seems the worst.

In spite of that distrust the country still functions. But the one thing we haven’t had to endure is this terrible era of political correctness.

The scandals are not going to destroy our country, but the self-righteous minority that is allowed to tear down the very fabric of our personal rights and freedoms will.

When a few people can cause a whole nation to fear honoring God and a few people can challenge a school system from teaching their students about civic pride and democracy and when a country allows a minority to prop up and support radicals like Al Sharpton, we are in serious trouble.

We are at a point in our country’s history where you as an individual cannot speak your mind on any subject, without being called one name or another yourself.

When a small group of people can bring a major company to its knees because in this group’s opinion women aren’t treated fairly, or their mascot has a name they don’t like; when a small group of people can force laws to be changed to the point that you fear having toddy or two because you might be labeled a scoundrel, we are in serious trouble
Life is like a pendulum. Unfortunately when there is change in life, the pendulum never stops in the middle. It goes to the extreme right or the extreme left, and when the despots that operate in those regions of where the pendulum comes to rest are in control, we have the chaos that controls our lives now.

To end this era of political correctness we currently are living in, the majority of the people in this country need to show some courage and to stiffen their backbones in order to push the pendulum needle back toward the middle.
Unfortunately we doubt if the majority has such a will to do so.