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Our thoughts on voting
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We realize that voting Tuesday, four full days away, is the farthest thing from your mind right now. But you need to make it first in your mind.

Tuesday you will get a chance, if you live in District 4 in Newton County, to vote for incumbent Board of Commissioner JC Henderson or newcomer Sonya Hunte. Henderson typically has a solid block of voters that usually are enough to continue to get him reelected. However, if they don’t show up for the runoff, Hunte has a good chance to upset him.

In the District 112 State house race David Belton, a resident of Morgan County, is running for the seat vacated by Doug Holt against Aaron Brooks, a Newton County resident.

Holt and old-time Republicans have endorsed Belton; Brooks is a strict conservative who apparently scares the moderate wing of the party here in Newton County.

If Brooks is not elected, Newton County will have no local representation in any state or federal body. For a county as large as this that would be a shame.

In a run for the Senate Jack Kingston, a current congressman representing the Savanah area, and David Perdue, a former businessman, are running neck and neck. We are not crazy about either one of them, but whichever which one wins, they will be better to represent us than the Democratic nominee Michele Nunn.

In the District 10 U.S. House race, Jody Hike is running against Mike Collins.

This is another race where moderate Republicans are trying to paint Hike as a right wing radical — he is not.

In order to vote in this runoff you must be registered and if you voted in the primary election, whichever party you voted for, that’s how you will have to vote.

If you didn’t vote in the primary election, you can vote under any party affiliation you choose.