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Our thoughts on passion
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There is one person in town that we doubt that anyone who knows him could ever question his passion for the things he believes in.

Sam Ramsey, whose family has been part of the fabric of the Covington community since its existence, has poured his heart and soul into his family, his church and his community.

In his years as mayor he helped steer the city on a solid course of progress.

He seemingly has singlehandedly kept the homeless shelter in business.

And through all that, we believe his biggest passion is serving his God.

For years following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father and acting as trustee, he has promoted and seen to it that a great tradition like the Salem Camp Meeting has not only continued, but flourished.

Tonight the Salem meetings begin and they continue through next Friday.

In Wednesday’s print edition of The Covington News, there was a schedule of events, which is also available for you to review on

The Salem Camp meeting represents something that was special in a time when we didn’t have the constant forms of communication right at our finger tips.

It represented a time that families could gather from near and far and reconnect to worship God as a family.

Sam Ramsey, his family and the many helpers he gathers together every year have made it possible for that great tradition to continue.

We would recommend that if you want to recapture some of those good feelings of family and tradition, that you pay a visit to the Salem Camp Ground next week.

If you do bring your whole family we are most positive that you will leave with a smile on your face and a feeling of some contentment.

To Sam Ramsey thank you for helping us remember that there still is a human side to life.