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Our thoughts on being alert
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This past week a father in Marietta loaded his 22-month-old son in his SUV to take to day care and forgot he had done it, instead driving to work.

When he came out from work on the 93-degree day he realized he had left his son strapped in his seat with the windows rolled up.

He tried everything in his power to revive his son. This had to be the cruelest way of dying for the 22 month old.

The father was, and we are sure still is, distraught and despondent of being the instrument that led to his son’s death.
In today’s turbulent, stress-filled world we can understand that you could start out on one project and start thinking of another and completely forget the project that you started out to accomplish.

That it is why each of us, especially when children are involved, needs to put everything aside and deal with other’s needs first.

The father has been arrested for felony murder in the death of his son. In this case, it appears to us that the punishment and torment this father is going to experience the rest of his life is more than the punishment he will receive of being locked up in the Cobb County jail.

Again we urge you, our reader, for the rest of the summer to never leave your child in a parked car even when running a small errand. And never leave your child unattended by water of any kind, even for a few minutes. Because those few minutes could cause you pain for the rest of your life.