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Our Thoughts: Now is your chance to be heard
Our Thoughts - OPINON

This week the Covington Newton County Chamber of Commerce issued its survey to businesses owners in Covington asking questions about the proposed changes to the city’s alcohol ordinances. The changes could allow businesses to offer hospitality drinks – otherwise known as a free drink to business visitors that does not require a purchase – or brown bagging – otherwise known as customers bringing their own alcohol into a business while attending an event.

With these proposed changes, many opinions have been raised. Will there be too much alcohol on the Covington Square? Should it be a city-wide ordinance? Will people get out of control? How will it be monitored? What limitations should be set?

All of these questions, and more, have different answers depending on who you ask. However, if you have opinions about what you would like to see from businesses in the community, now is your time to speak up.

Too often do we as the community newspaper see the aftermath of governmental decisions. Once an elected body makes a decision that does not match the popular opinion, that is when the complaints file in. However, how are the politicians supposed to know what you’re thinking without hearing from you?

Do not sit by idly and hope you get what you want out of your representatives. They’ve been elected to represent you and they are asking for your input. This is your chance to let them know what you think.

In the end your opinion might not be the one that is made into law, it doesn’t mean you weren’t considered. The challenge all elected officials face is the challenge of doing what is right for the majority. Having to remove their own personal feelings and see the bigger picture is definitely not something that is taken lightly.

We, at The Covington News, encourage you to speak up. Answer the survey. Reach out to your representative. Attend a meeting. Do whatever you need to do to make sure they know how you feel. Whatever you do, do not assume you will get your way without putting in any effort.

With any issue in the community, it is important to be an active member of the process. Become educated and be a part of your community. It’s the least you can do.