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Our thoughts: Miracle workers
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In a letter to the editor, which can be read at, Kevin Carnes wrote a poignant piece describing an accident his father suffered after he fell down the stairs in his home. To compound his injuries, Kevin’s father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

We can only imagine the shock and fear felt by Kevin as he held his father’s still body in his arms.

During this torturous period of time, his father actually stopped breathing.

In his letter, Kevin went on to extol the virtues of the paramedics, fire personnel and police officers who quickly responded to the 911 call. Not only did they revive his father, but because of their actions Kevin’s father avoided being paralyzed for the rest of his life as his neck was broken in the same place as Christopher Reeve.

Kevin describes the actions of these dedicated first responders in a way that we would never be able to illustrate.

We can easily say that it is a miracle that Mr. Carnes was still here to celebrate his 59th wedding with his wife and family.

God sometimes requires our help with his miracles and he knew that here in Newton County, there are men and women who were qualified and willing to help in his good works.

Our law enforcement officials and first responders do not just pop up out of the blue in order to help folks like Mr. Carnes; they first had to have an overwhelming desire to be of service to their neighbors. They then had to be willing to dedicate their time, both day and night and had to be trained by the best leaders to be able to perform these life-saving duties.

We are proud of all of our law enforcement and first responder men and women, and just like they did for Mr. Carnes, everyday they help perform miracles.