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Our Thoughts... Jubilee
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They’re pickin’ and grinnin’ again in Newborn.

The Newborn Opry, a gospel and bluegrass concert series at the Old Schoolhouse in Newborn, has been revived and renamed as the Dixie Jubilee.

Hats off to musician Steve Biggers for reviving the decade-old concert series that offers a safe, family-friendly place for the community to come together and enjoy some live music.

Dixie Jubilee is one of the few places in Newton County to enjoy local folks performing old-time music. Biggers says it’s no money-maker, but it’s something he can do to make life a bit more fun for music-lovers.

That’s refreshing.

Dixie Jubilee asks for a $3 donation to cover its costs. That’s a modest sum to pay for an evening of top-notch local music.