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Our Thoughts: Journalism matters
Our Thoughts - OPINON

As National Newspaper Week comes to a close, it is important for us to always remember the role of the community newspaper. 

The Covington News prints a weekly publication and provides online content updates daily to cover the topics that matter the most in Newton County. The reporters covering these stories are your neighbors. The carriers delivering the product shop at the same grocery store as you. The advertising representatives grab lunch at your favorite spot. The members of The Covington News staff truly represent the community as a whole. 

As a community newspaper, we’re different. While the national media gets a lot of flak for producing fake news or showing political biases, we simply cannot get away with doing that.  

Earlier this week, Covington News Owner Patrick Graham spoke to the Kiwanis Club of Covington about his journey to purchasing your favorite community newspaper and the role of The Covington News plays in Newton County. During the Q&A portion of that presentation, he was asked when this newspaper would resume its two or three-day print publication schedule.

The answer is simple: The community gets the newspaper it supports. 

Journalism is an ever-changing industry, and as a newspaper that has been around since 1865, The News has grown and molded with the changes. Online coverage has become a priority and social media has become a new outlet for sharing the news. However, one thing that will never change is the need for a print product.

We will continue to strive to provide the newspaper this community needs in a way the community supports. 

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