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Our thoughts... Glad tidings
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As we head down the home stretch of the Christmas season, traditionally people tend to let their hair down and celebrate the good feelings of the season.

 We are glad if you can take a breather and celebrate the season in your own way. However, we would caution you that if you are going to have a toddy or two, then do it in the safety of your own home.

 Please do not on any circumstance get behind the wheel of your car, plan to have a driver who does not drink be a part of your holiday plans.

 If you are stopped by a law enforcement officer and you have surpassed the state mandate for alcohol level, then you will be arrested and in all probability the affect of the arrest will make the new year a difficult one for you. Most businesses have a zero tolerance policy in dealing with such transgressions.

 If you are found guilty of drunk driving, as a part of your penalty your name will appear in this paper for all to see.

 So, please enjoy yourself this Christmas season, but be smart and only drive sober.

It’s not only the law, but also it is the right thing to do.