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Our Thoughts... Eyesore of the week
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  We think we live in one of the most beautiful areas of Georgia. Covington, Newton County and Social Circle are abundant with elegant homes and landscapes and rolling green farm land.

 Two things really irritate us — one is when people throw their trash out wherever and whenever they please. We have stated before that we would like to see some of these folks caught and punished for their uncaring ways. The other irritant is to see abandoned buildings just sitting and looking ugly.

 These abandoned buildings are not only an eyesore, but they can be hazardous.

 Last Sunday we started a new feature called the eyesore of the week; it will publish every Sunday until further notice. We hope that by publishing pictures of these abandoned buildings or trash sites, the appropriate agency will then take action against the owners of these community eyesores.

 We will not take pictures of buildings that are occupied by families.

 If you have eyesores in mind, contact us with the location at

 By working together we can clean up these eyesores that ruin one of the Good Lord’s most beautiful places.