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Our thoughts... Effective leadership
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This could have been the year we had an opportunity to elect a governor who we could have had confidence in to help lead us out of the economic misery we are now wallowing in.

Unfortunately that is not going to happen.

Nathan Deal, the Republican candidate for the leadership of our state, has shot himself in the foot so many times in regards to his personal and public life that it is a miracle that he is still standing.

Roy Barnes, the Democratic hopeful, has already been run out of the highest office of the state once and he, too, suffers from self-inflicted wounds.

Both have spent money and debate time attacking each other’s shortcomings rather than focusing on issues that are going to allow us to improve education or find jobs for those that have none.

Georgia has been blessed by the good Lord with a beauty that even an artist could not properly record.

Majorities of its people are God fearing and hard working and take the greatest of pride in being Georgians.

It’s nothing but a pure shame that when we go to the ballot box in November to vote for the top executive of this state that we will have to do so holding our nose.

We deserve better.