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Our thoughts... Drinking and Driving
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This weekend will be the last official holiday weekend of the summer.

On Monday we celebrate Labor Day.

Traditionally when we have long holiday weekends, folks tend to let their hair down so to speak, and relax. Unfortunately, sometimes they do things that aren’t really smart.

We want you to enjoy this weekend, but we don’t want you to do something dumb like drive while impaired.

The Georgia Highway Patrol will be out in force this weekend, and our local law enforcement agencies also will be on the prowl for those that drink and drive.

We encourage you to enjoy our local restaurants and entertainment venues, but if you do, be smart. Bring a designated driver or turn your keys over to the establishment you are visiting with instructions for them to call a cab if you need one. If they don’t provide that service, don’t stay there.

The way the laws are written in some instances it only takes one drink to reach the minimum limit.

If you are caught, your name will be placed in the paper which will bring you permanent shame and embarrassment.

If you plan to drink, your best bet probably is to stay at home and enjoy time with your family and friends, so that come next Tuesday we will all be back at our normal routines, refreshed and safe.