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Our thoughts: Dirty Politics
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Throughout the generations, whenever there has been an election, there has been some form of dirty politics used to sway the voters mind.

There are all forms and uses of dirty politics. It can be as simple as a candidate lying about his or her qualifications or taking information that is the truth and distorting it so that the information is completely changed from its original meaning.

We have an example of that in today’s paper on page 3A.

In this new age of social media dirty politics has reached new heights of deception and nastiness.

A major example of this is the Democratic Party of Georgia running an ad, state wide, implying that if you don’t vote for the state’s Democratic nominees that the sad events of Ferguson, Missouri will happen right here in Georgia.

The Democratic Party is running this offensive ad to encourage black voters of the state to come out and vote for democratic candidates.

This hateful ad does not reflect the true character of Georgians, both black and white, and is being run only to insight the few black voters who may not have the common sense to know that this type of ad only promotes fear mongering and distrust.

We believe the Democratic party of Georgia has misjudged the character and pride of the black voters of this state and we feel their despicable ploy to generate more votes from the majority African American community will fail.

If you really want to know the true characters of the candidates for state public office do some homework of your own. Look up their biographies, talk to people who really know them and/or go to a political rally and meet the candidates yourself.

We urge you to not accept what is presented to you in television ads that are currently being run with blind acceptance and especially to be careful of ads that are being released now with less than two weeks left before the Nov. 4 election.
There is no question that we need good leadership for our communities and our state. Don’t fall for the political rhetoric that is being presented by both parties right now, use your own judgment to guide how you vote on Nov. 4.
Your vote can, and will, make a difference.