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Our thoughts... Community connection
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It is obvious that developments affecting children’s educations are going to be a hot topic not only here in Newton County, but everywhere.

Our county is currently a perfect example of this maxim.

This editorial was written prior to the Board of Education meeting held last night at Alcovy High School. We hope people expressed their concerns in a civil manner.

The future of how we conduct and pay for our education system is crucial to every citizen of Newton County, whether they have children in the school system now or not.

We find ourselves $9 million over budget because the elected leaders serving on this school board and past school boards and the hired administration’s hands are tied by current Georgia law which does not allow them to spend SPLOST money in ways they feel are best for the system. SPLOST money can only be spent on bricks and mortor, not on text books or salaries or other necessities.

We do, however, blame the current school administration for lack of transparency. We have asked that citizen groups be formed by the superintendent to advise school officials on what would be best for the education of our children.

We also impugn the school administration for falling into the same trap that other school districts across the country have fallen into — hiring too many administrators and paying them entirely too much.

Keeping teachers and administrators in the system that should have been dispatched long ago is a nationwide problem.

From all reports, our new school superintendant, Dr .Gary Mathews, believes in open communication with the press and the community at large. He might be served well by talking with Dr. Samuel King, the superintendent of neighboring Rockdale County Schools, who has engaged in direct dialogue with his community through aforementioned community councils.