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Our thoughts: Celebrating Easter
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Easter is early this year and that is appropriate because the renewal of the earth’s splendor has also arrived early.

It is only appropriate that we celebrate the Passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the spring because his death and resurrection brought forth a new beginning and a lifting of a heavy cloud of God’s previous anger with man for his past disobedience.

Just as we should be careful to not destroy the beauty that God has allowed us to enjoy with our beautiful home here on earth, we should not let our belief in our creator and His son be destroyed because of the persecution of our Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world.

In our opinion leaders and members of our Christian churches should rise up a united shout in righteous indignation to stop the torching and the deaths inflicted on good people who believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We hope that during this Easter season that you take a few moments and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us here in Newton County. Take the time to enjoy your family. Take time to thank God for his many blessings.

All of us here at the paper wish you and your family a glorious and happy Easter. We are grateful for your support.
As you attend the church of your choice this weekend, say an extra prayer for your neighbor, your elected leaders, our military and for our country that we never forget why we celebrate rebirth with such happiness this time of year, the Passion, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Savior.