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Our thoughts... Bless our heroes
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Wednesday we celebrate Veterans Day. Personally, we think this should be a major holiday right up there with Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

Veterans Day began as Armistice Day in 1919 as a day set aside by President Woodrow Wilson to honor the heroism and victory of the soldiers in World War I.

In 1954 the day was changed to Veterans Day in order to honor veterans of all American wars.

From the days of the Revolutionary War through today’s conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, our country’s values have been preserved by the valor of men and woman who have donned uniforms and even shed their precious blood in order for us to enjoy the freedoms we have today.

In our modern times we still have veterans of World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam and the first Gulf War, in addition to men and women currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In addition we have troops who have served in foreign outposts around the world and far away from home.

Everyone of them are heroes. If you have a hero living in your home or have a friend who is a hero, give them a big hug or a great big kiss and tell them thank you for us. We hope that God continues to bless all of our veterans and because of them our precious freedoms too.