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Our Thoughts: Beauty
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In spite of all the recent political upheaval in the county and the back-channel threats of more to come, Newton County is still a beautiful place to live.

We have it all — from farmland to urban life, a quality water source and a determination by the majority of our residents to keep it that way.

In the county seat, Covington, in spite of the usual naysayers, the work on the Square looks great. Meanwhile Porterdale is enjoying a revival of spirit with the re-opening of the historic gymnasium, and crowds queuing to put in for a kayaking adventure on the Yellow River.

Oxford is celebrating its 150th year, Mansfield is enjoying a renewed spirit of redevelopment starting on its own square, and Newborn is still as quaint as ever.

Now is an exciting time to enjoy all Newton County has and will have to offer.

With the advent of fall and some beautiful weather things are only getting more scenic. We suggest, instead of trying to spend your weekends in Atlanta and fighting the horrific traffic problems, load up a picnic and take a ride out to our beautiful countryside.

You can also take your family for some exercise and fun to our many parks; The Charley Elliot center is a great place to commune with nature.

We all our fortunate to live here in Newton County it truly is a land of pleasant living.