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Our Thoughts: Bank Robbers
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On Thursday, the BB&T bank located on Highway 278 was robbed. It looks like it was done by the same group that has struck banks throughout the area, including a Wachovia Bank in Rockdale on Wednesday.

They almost saw the end of their crime spree here in Covington yesterday.

Officially, we don’t know how they got away, but it wasn’t because our local police agencies weren’t on the ball.

We know that the folks who do these things must think that our community is a sleepy, laid back type of place that is susceptible to such things as robbing banks.

We can understand that — it is a comfortable, laid back community.

One of the reasons it is so comfy is because our local police agencies are the top of the line. They’re well run, well trained, and we are proud of them.

So here’s a warning to all future robbers: stay out of our community, or you are going to get caught or scared to death in the process.
We also want to praise the Newton County School System. Through their phone alert system, parents of the Oxford area schools were quickly notified of school lockdowns because of the possibility of trouble.

The FBI is now on the trail of the serial robbers.