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Our thoughts... Back in business
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The snow and ice are gone, save for a few vestige pools of slush in deep shade.

The holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, New Year’s and MLK Day, are also over, too.

It’s a bit late, almost three weeks into the new year, but finally, we can all get back to work.

It’s about time.

There’s much to be done. Schools and local governments have some tough budget decisions ahead, businesses have lost money in an already tough economy as their customers were homebound and iced-in, and schoolchildren have an awful lot of catching up to do to regain knowledge lost to long hours of leisurely gaming and texting.

Truth be told, we think we’re all ready for some normalcy. We’re relaxed and refreshed, and ready to face the challenges and enjoy the successes that the now not-so-new year holds.

Even the prospect of having to make up some of the days lost to the ice somewhere down the line is less onerous after you’ve been subjected to a week of cabin fever and way too much family togetherness.

And an office cubicle of your own can seem a welcome respite after sharing couch time for several days with your toddler through 10 screenings of "Toy Story 3."