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Our Thoughts... An interesting enemy
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We have been more than disappointed and puzzled by some of President Obama’s picks for his cabinet.

 One that puzzles us greatly was the appointment of Janet Napolitano as Homeland Security Chief.

 Napolitano is the former weak-kneed governor of Arizona, who when she left office to accept the post of Security Chief left the conservatively fiscal state of Arizona — the home of the late Barry Goldwater — on its fiscal knees because of her spend-it-all policies.

 What troubles us the most is that she has been placed over an agency that is responsible for the prevention of terrorist attacks within our borders.

 As governor of Arizona, she showed little or no willingness to protect from unchecked illegal immigration Arizona’s border with Mexico.

 Arizona today has one of the largest drug entrance corridors in the country, again, unchecked by Napolitano when she was governor.

 This past week the Homeland Security Chief issued an advisory warning the American people to be watchful for the new right-wing extremists, who could be a danger to our country.

 Included in this group are folks who are pro-life, who are retired military or who carry guns.

 The list above includes a great deal of the silent majority of this country.

 By coincidence the same groups of people are the ones who are not happy with the ultra-liberal policies of the Obama administration.

 Now it seems the great silent majority of our nation is now a potential enemy of the state. We wonder where that leaves the real enemies of the state, who are not mentioned, such as new radicals like the Bill Ayers or the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

 We would ask the Homeland Security Chief to apologize for this ill-advised advisory, but we know in this administration there is no such thing as an apology.