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Our thoughts... A couple of thoughts
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Members of the Center for Science in the Public interest are considering suing the McDonalds Corporation for trying to lure children into their restaurants by offering a toy with a happy meal.

Members of groups like these need to get a real grip on life. A group like this was probably created by caring folks, but soon most all of them get taken over by the real wing nuts of the world.

McDonalds is a private company; parents have the sole responsibility on whether their children eat Ronald’s food and take his toys.

To our knowledge, no state allows children to drive. In order for them to get to McDonalds, a person of authority in their lives needs to drive them to eat their happy meal.

What we really need is a nonprofit group who is willing to sue groups like the CSPI for being first-class idiots.


We also heard a presentation this week from another non–profit group called the Kindness Revolution. Their goal is to raise the core values of dignity, respect, courtesy and kindness in the work place.

Their ultimate goal is to take the Kindness Revolution from the business community to our schools. The last thing we need is for one more non–profit, self-promoting help group to get their fingers on our children.

Businesses who have neglected to deal with their customers in a kind and personal way have been closing at an alarming rate. Your customers have to come first in order to succeed.

Parents should also take the responsibility of teaching their own children kindness; they don’t need to be let off the hook by another group taking over their god-given responsibilities.

Once a group like this gets established in a community, the first thing it asks for is tax money to help support it.

We have no ax to grind against the folks from the Kindness Revolution. We are sure for now their intentions are good, but with a little effort we can take care of our own social and kindness problems here in Newton County