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Socialist society?
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This week the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has endorsed an idea for a second stimulus package to follow a $168 billion stimulus package passed in February and a $700 billion package passed a bit more than two weeks ago.

 The Democrats, who are starting to crave the blood of extreme power as well as being led by pit bull Nancy Pelosi, are pushing a package that could cost an additional $150 billion.

 Pelosi, in this new package, wants to resurrect a $61 billion measure that failed to be placed in the last stimulus package, which includes $37 billion in public works spending, $6 billion to extend jobless benefits, $15 billion to help states pay their Medicaid bills and $3 billion for food stamps.

 Democrats are also considering a second round of tax rebates for individuals similar to the $600-$1,200 program employed earlier that accomplished nothing.

 We have heard the term "Socialism" whispered lately; it’s time to shout it out if the Democrats are allowed to foist these additional bailouts and government hand-out programs on the American people. We will in fact have one foot in the door of becoming a Socialist society.

 While we should all do our part to help others hurting from this economic downturn, there should be no more government bailouts at the current time.

 We should allow our free market to adjust itself, and in doing so strong businesses will survive and improve and the weak ones will disappear and no longer be a burden on the American tax payer.

 Survival of the fittest is a widely accepted concept of nature. It’s the philosophy the American market place has lived by for the 232 years of our free and prosperous society.