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One down, 47 to go
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I was a sophomore at what was then tiny Georgia Southern College down in Statesboro when a band known as The Who released a record, which still rocks today as the theme song for the popular "CSI" television series.

Richard Milhous Nixon was President of the United States, and the Vietnam War had become a chasm dividing American society. Four students had been slain and nine others wounded at Kent State University in May 1970, when National Guardsmen fired into a crowd protesting America’s incursion into Cambodia.

Shortly thereafter, The Who released "Won’t Get Fooled Again." The old way of doing things was on the way out, "Tricky Dick" Nixon’s days were numbered, and a bold new generation was about to bring great change to America.

Yeah, right. Little did The Who know that many protestors celebrating "Won’t Get Fooled Again" would themselves be fooled 37 years later; they would vote into the White House a man woefully short of any actual work experience, who won a seat in the U.S. Senate by running a campaign so dirty that his defeated opponent refused to make the traditional, congratulatory phone call, stating that Barack Hussein Obama’s position on moral issues regarding life and the family crossed the line of decency.

"I’m supposed to make a call to congratulate…the triumph of that which I believe ultimately stands for…a culture evil enough to destroy the very soul and heart of my country?" Alan Keyes stated on "The Scott Thomas Show" on WYLL, Nov. 4, 2004. "I can’t do this, and I will not make a false gesture."

Obama now occupies the Oval Office, the Democratic Party holds the majority in the House of Representatives, and an unbelievable financial bailout bill — signed by the 44th President — has passed with votes nearly identically following party lines, Democrats "for" and Republicans "against."

The economic stimulus bill was stuffed fat with pork by the same Democrats who cried out so vociferously for change over the last two years, and with such a majority they cannot hide from the light of truth.

"Meet the new boss; same as the old boss," sang The Who in 1971. Back in the day it was called talking out of both sides of your mouth, or the pot calling the kettle black.

Here’s my take on it: there’s one month down and 47 left to go for Americans to endure "the failed policies of the Obama administration."

Let me speak plainly. I am a regular guy, raised and educated back when schools worked, and I spent my professional career teaching and coaching in the public schools of my native Georgia. I devoted my professional career to trying to make things better, have earned the right to call it the way it is, and am unashamed if I’m politically incorrect.

The 44th President ran a campaign calling for change. He trumpeted his ability to work hand-in-hand across the political aisles of Congress, despite having authored not one single piece of important legislature during the brief time he actually served as a Senator, having resigned the last third of his term after spending the middle third of it campaigning.

That’s a telling look at devotion to duty and service to one’s constituency, is it not?

The 44th President has neither a clue as to how to fix America, nor the ability. He has nominated people for Cabinet positions who have failed to pay their own taxes. His first calls as President were touchy-feely messages of good will to the Muslim world in the Middle East, and he sent his new Secretary of State to largely Muslim Indonesia on her first official trip.

Is it coincidence that Barack Hussein Obama’s ties to the Muslim world, and to Indonesia, are why these have received top priorities in the first month of his term?

The truth will out, as they say, and it has.

The Who sang in a different era, but the lyrics to "Won’t Be Fooled Again" are still timely today. I fervently hope that they are not prescient, as well:

"We’ll be fighting in the streets

With our children at our feet,

And the morals when

they worship will be gone;

And the men who spurred us on

Sit in judgment of all wrong;

They decide and the shotgun sings the song.

I’ll tip my hat

to the new constitution,

Take a bow

for the new revolution,

Smile and grin at

the change all around,

Pick up my guitar and play,

Just like yesterday.

Then I’ll get on my

knees and pray

We don’t get fooled again!

No, no!

Meet the new boss;

Same as the old boss!"

I’ve never held membership in a political party, and I don’t intend to start now. But I’m telling you, plainly, that Americans — be they Democrats, Independents, Libertarians or Republicans — need to find a real leader and start the 2012 campaign right now.

So we don’t get fooled again.

Nat Harwell is a resident of Newton County. His column appears in The Covington News on Sundays.