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No raises for the council
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For the second time this year the majority of the Covington City Council voted not to increase their salaries.

We think this was the proper and prudent vote to take at this time.

The mayor and council certainly deserve a raise for their efforts, but so do a great deal of hardworking, taxpaying Covington citizens who aren't worried about a raise and are just thankful to still have a job.

Our belief is that government should follow the same guidelines as private business in order to be successful and profitable.

Two of the council members voted for a raise; we are disappointed by that. It would have sent a more positive note to the community if the vote was unanimous.

We would suggest that if any elected official feels that he or she deserves a raise - after they knew full well what the pay was when they ran for that office - then he or she should add the issue to their next campaign. Just be up front with the voters and tell them, "If I am elected, I intend to raise my salary."

If that politician is elected after such an honest pronouncement, then a raise would certainly be warranted.

A quick clarification

Printed in the Sunday, Aug. 2 edition of The News.

In an editorial published Friday, The News stated the Covington City Council voted not to give themselves raises. In fact, the council took an informal consensus by email to decide whether to add the subject to a meeting agenda. Also, if the board approved raises this year, it would not go into effect until next year.