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Never give up
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“You’re never a loser until you quit trying.”
~ Mike Ditka

It’s easy to get discouraged when so often our focus is on the negative and the impossible. Yet so often, those who would seem to have the most to complain about are the ones who take the most joy in life.

If you need a pick-me-up, we suggest you read the story of young Jonah Barnett, a miraculous survivor, who had his wish granted last week. (Read his story from Sunday’s edition on, as well as a more in-depth story we did last year.)

Jonah was diagnosed with a particularly invasive brain tumor at the age of 13 months; this vicious cancer has destroyed his ability to both speak and walk. Yet, despite these disadvantages, Jonah had a goal and triumphantly accomplished it last week.

Jonah simply wanted to be able to graduate from his fifth grade class at Flint Hill Elementary so that he could finally get his own locker at middle school.

The faculty at Flint Hill made that possible, and the faculty at Cousins Middle School gladly made him an official member of their school, complete with a hat, sweatshirt and touching ceremony. Jonah also got to serve as a special manager of the boys’ basketball team.

Of the courage and fortitude of young Jonah Barnett, Superintendent Gary Mathews said, “Words are too inadequate to express the courage and life of this young man.”

Well said Dr. Mathews, and to Jonah, thank you for reminding us that we should never stop fighting for what we wish to accomplish.