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My Thoughts: It's been a great ride
Fletcher Hosanna---WEB

Almost two years ago, I took up the call to lead The Covington News. Many people asked me how I intended to lead a newspaper back from extinction because didn’t I know that print was dead? And a few people asked me why in the world I would want to take on such a formidable task.

My answer was simple and it hasn’t changed.

I believe in the power of community and in the bonds that hold us together. And the community newspaper records that history and tells that story.

The community newspaper is not dying, it is changing. The role is not to inform the masses or incite social change as it has been in the past but rather to provide the information that weaves the community together.

There is no alternative to the community newspaper. Social media will not take its place. Free news from large news outlets will not tell our story. The community newspaper remains vital to the sustainability and success of communities such as ours.

Because if your community newspaper does not tell your story, who will?

Imagine life without it…

No one to hold our elected officials accountable. No one to celebrate the successes of local and regional young athletes. No one to report the accurate details of local crime. No one that can respond within minutes to an inquiry or incident. No one to highlight our local business, nonprofit efforts or faith-based successes.

And once it is gone, there can be nothing to replace it.

You may say that there are many individual agencies that do this. But regardless of how well they tell their story, they are telling it in their individual areas and to their individual audience.

No one agency can bring together the community in dialogue and in awareness like the community newspaper.

It is still something to be “in the paper.”

Don’t believe it? Ask anyone who has been lately.

The community newspaper is both the watchdog and the cheerleader. It takes a special balance of people to do that effectively.

And the team at The Covington News is exemplary.

The news staff is as committed to honest journalism, as cutting edge, diverse and rich in experience as any national news outlet – and twice as talented, if you ask me, because they do it with less.

The advertising staff champions small and local businesses by connecting locally produced marketing to valued customers – readers like you who believe in buying local, living local.

The circulation staff provides unparalleled customer service – whether you call, email or come into the office in person, you will be treated with a “can-do” attitude and a smile.

It is therefore bittersweet to say that, as of this printing, I am no longer the General Manager of The Covington News. I have accepted a position as Research Director with Morris Multimedia, the parent company for The Covington News. I will be working with all the company’s community newspapers to improve their readership and engagement experiences.

I will no longer call 1166 Usher St. “my office,” but I still believe in what The Covington News, as your community newspaper, is doing. I am immensely proud to have had the opportunity to lead the effort and make an impact for the last two years.

Thank you. To all of you.