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More scams surface
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Last week the Covington Police Department warned residents of a new scam in town.

Unscrupulous folks are preying on people who are desperately searching for jobs. They are also blasting out ads to unsuspecting readers for mail sites offering mystery shopper jobs.

They are also contacting unassuming residents who have posted résumés on the Internet and around town. For a fee they are offering to get them jobs as a mystery shopper.

If you send them your mailing information the scam artists then send a check for a large amount of money, usually around $900 in a check, which looks authentic as it looks as if it is from a real company that can be traced on the Internet.

The scam artists then have you go to a local business, say one that sells and sends money orders, under the guise that this company might be defrauding individuals, has you buy a money order with the money from the check they sent you. The directions have you send it to an address of one of their offices overseas.

After you do this in good faith, you will find a couple of days later that the check you deposited in your account is no good and you are out $900.

We hope people who prey on people at any time, for any reason will receive the strongest type of eternal punishment that the good Lord allows.

A warning again to you - do not give out personal information like driver's license information, credit card numbers and especially your social security number, to any one you do not know. Do not respond to any offer that has you send money out of this country.

If you get a note on the Internet from a bank or government entity or anyone who wants to invest money for you, it's going to be a scam.

There are no get-rich schemes that are completely legal anywhere in this country. It just doesn't happen.

For your own sakes, if you have the slightest doubt, call your local law enforcement agency. Please, do not fall victim to these con artists; their only interest is purely for themselves.