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Money well-spent
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It’s an old adage that once you give a dog a bone, you are not going to be able to pull it back out of its mouth.

That’s why when Covington City Councilman Chris Smith suggested the council give $244,000 in tax revenues back to city taxpayers in the form of a small tax break, we couldn’t help but chuckle.

Although we didn’t get a tax break, we do think it was prudent to spend the surplus money on law enforcement.

We have said before that we like the Assigned Officer program.

The presence of police cars in neighborhoods 24 hours day is a deterrent to community crime. Plus, we appreciate the idea of investing now to save money in the future.

The fact we’re not going to receive a millage rate increase in Covington is another positive.

We commend the City Council for keeping our tax rate consistent and beefing up our public safety program.