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Minority rule & common sense
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This week, we read that an Atlanta woman was petitioning Georgia legislators to ban the pitbull breed of dogs from the state.

Before you dismiss this as the possible craziness of one woman, remember that one woman almost singlehandedly changed the drinking and driving habits of a whole nation when she helped to create the organization MADD.

We used to live in a society in which the majority ruled, but not today. It takes just one person or a small group of people to complain about such things as religion, language, what we eat or drink, how we raise our children, or how we operate our community education system, for many of our cowering legislators or judges to change the whole system, the majority will be damned.

We are now at the point, not only in our personal lives but in business, that we must hesitate to say anything that might in any way offend someone.

That might be OK in a perfect society, but we are far from perfect and our country was not built and nurtured by perfect people. It was built by people who yearned to live their lives under a system that stressed personal freedoms within the law.

We agree that personal freedoms don’t allow you to yell "fire!" in a crowded place when no fire exists. But at the same time, you should not be penalized when you like multi-colored socks and because a small minority of folks don’t like multi-colored socks, you are forbidden by law to wear them.

That, in our opinion, is a violation of your freedom, and unfortunately, that kind of violation is allowed to happen every day.

We believe there still is a "vast majority" in this country who are offended by this minority control. To change things, this vast majority needs to get out of the easy chairs, stop complaining, and get out and vote. It’s time to put legislators in office who will appoint officials and judges who think for themselves, possess common-sense ideals, and actually have a backbone.