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Managing to stay
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We are pleased to see that Covington city manager Steve Horton has officially agreed to stay on for a little while longer.

Horton without question is the real leader behind the success Covington has experienced in staying fiscally solvent during our recent tough economic times. He also has done it by staying in the background.

Once in a small community a long time ago, one of our editorial board members ran a paper and at that paper, the thought was that the city manager was not involved enough in community activities. That opinion was expressed very clearly in many editorials.

A great lesson on what city managers really do was learned one day when there was a call from the town’s city manager inviting the then young publisher to breakfast. Over breakfast the city manager held up his cup of coffee and asked the publisher if he realized city managers get hired and fired over cups of coffee such as the one he was holding? The message got through loud and clear.

Steve Horton is the type of manager that never feels he has to be out in the limelight. He leaves that to the elected officials and rightly so. He just quietly runs and implements policy — a policy that’s made our city one to be envied.

Thanks Steve, for your public service. Soon enough you will be able to enjoy Arizona or Montana or wherever you decide to retire with your family. For now your Covington family needs you a little longer.

Thanks for your efforts and your leadership of our community.