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Looking back, looking forward
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Looking through our headlines from 2015, it has been an up and down year ... as usual. However, it seems that our community response has let the negative overwhelm the positive.

The past year has seen amazing strides, great accomplishments, and heartfelt good deeds. We have a choice whether to focus on the positive or the negative. We should not ignore the negative — rather, we should reflect on and learn from it.

And we need not dwell in the past. We can look forward to the future. 2016 will mark not only a new year but many things to anticipate. 

We can look forward to a new form of government, a new county manager, and new in-house legal services.

We can look forward to a big election, locally and nationally, in November.

We can look forward to the continued makeover of the Historic Square in Covington and the addition of new restaurants and businesses.

We can look forward to new educational opportunities with Georgia State University in our community and new programs offered at Georgia Piedmont Technical College.

We can look forward to additional jobs in our community as Baxalta expands its hiring efforts and the expansion of other manufacturers in the county.

We can look forward to continued success of our law enforcement agencies, social services, and community-based programs.

We can look forward to a revitalized venue for our arts and music programs.

We can look forward to new development as the economy continues to recover and investment is made in our community.

We can look forward to exceptional sports programs, from recreational to collegiate level.

We have so much to look forward to in 2016, Newton County. And we are honored to be able to tell you all about it each week in The Covington News.

We look forward to 2016. Cheers!