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Its time to bring the troops home
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We have said this before and we say it again now: It is time to bring our troop's home from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Here's why:
- Our presence there is unappreciated and has produced no tangible results.

- The leaderships we have set up and supported are corrupt and deceitful.

- The cream of our military could best be used patrolling our own porous borders.

- The Middle East has been in turmoil since the beginning of time, and our presence has meant nothing.

- We have the technology and the Special Forces to accomplish anything we want in the region at minimal risk to our gallant men and women in the military.

- Bringing our troops home will also stop the horrific drain of resources that we have wasted in propping up false governments throughout the region.

- We have learned that when the people of the Middle East finally get tired of the oppression they endure they will rise up and remove their corrupt leadership themselves, without our interference.

On this Mother's Day, the greatest tribute we could give all of the moms in our country is to tell them that their sons and daughters are coming home.