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Its about time and speed
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Something about which we have always been puzzled is how police in DeKalb County choose who gets a ticket as cars whiz around the I-285 expressway.

The speed limit is 55 mph, which has never made sense. Anyone who goes 55 is risking life and limb. We ourselves on many occasions have gone 75 mph, and at that speed we barely keep up with the steady traffic.

That is why we are pleased to see this week that the Georgia Department of Transportation has agreed to raise the speed limit to 65 mph on the South DeKalb side of the I-20 interchange. At least at that speed, we won’t have to keep looking over our shoulders to see if the DeKalb police are making their daily quota.

Speaking of speeding, we wonder if we don’t have our own little Georgia speed trap right here in Newton County.

The stretch of I-20 eastbound between Almon Road and the first Covington turnoff is constantly a target for speeders. If you ever need a Highway Patrol officer, that’s generally a good place to find one.

The moral: don’t speed.