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In through the out door
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Recently we editorialized on how shameful it was for our so called "conservative" majority" in the state senate to take a secret no-names shown vote to kill a bill that would have allowed local communities and their taxpayers the right to vote on whether they would like to have the right to sell alcohol on Sunday.

If local communities had this option and voted to do so, it would add millions of tax dollars to a strapped state budget.

Now, this cowardly group is trying to slip some taxes in through the back door.

What they should do is just come out and say that they’re going to raise our taxes instead of making the cuts necessary for a balanced budget and be done with it.

But not one of them has shown the courage to do that. Of course if they did, they would be run out of office as fast as the next elections are held.

Here’s what’s coming: You can expect new taxes on selling your private vehicle to a private party, a new tax on the cash cow "sinners" who smoke, a possible tax on gasoline and a myriad of other activities that affect us every day.

We long for the day when we had legislators who not only had the courage to do the right thing in a transparent way but actually followed through on their convictions, traits that sadly seem missing from today’s group.

If any of these back door taxes reach Gov. Deal’s desk, we ask him for the sake of us all to veto them.