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Hometown Hero
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Five-year-old Morgan Steward is a little fighter who is blessed with a smile that is as big as the Grand Canyon.

We are sure that he and his family wondered if his wish to become a policeman would ever come true. Morgan was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy at age 15 months.

Thanks to a story about his wish that appeared in The Covington News, and the sharp eye of Covington Police Capt. Ken Malcom, who spotted a posting on Facebook concerning Morgan and his wish, Morgan found out that dreams can and do come true.

On Tuesday, thanks to an Atlanta TV station and the kindness of the Covington community, Morgan was honored on a special Officer Morgan Day.

He got his wish to be a policeman for a day, and a lot more. He met Shaquille O’Neal and received a special custom wheelchair. As he himself said, Morgan became a star. His name will appear on Covington’s Hollywood Walk of Stars, a fitting tribute. He was also honored by Georgia Piedmont Technical College with an honorary degree of a Police Academy Graduation Certificate.

We are honoring Morgan Steward as a Hometown Hero not because of his many accomplishments, but because for a brief moment in time, his infectious smile, mountain of courage and determination made us all smile and reminded us what is really important in this life. Like San Francisco’s "Batkid" before him, Morgan taught adults some important lessons. He has an absolute and unshakable belief that he, one person, can and should make it his mission to make the world a better place. And he showed his community that people can forget their differences, unite as neighbors and let out a loud cheer.

Thank you, Officer Morgan. You truly are a hometown hero.