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Here comes the sun
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Here in Georgia, we have desperately needed rain. For the last seven months, we have had fair to moderate precipitation - enough to take us off the drought list.

This past week we have received more rain than we ever could have imagined. It has rained so hard and so much that the soil could not absorb any more. As a result there has been major flooding across north Georgia as well as the property damage and, unfortunately, loss of life that accompanies such natural disasters.

Our staff has worked almost around the clock to keep you updated of the road and school closings, dangerous areas and other events that this rainfall has created on our Web site If you have not visited this page, you will be surprised that we can keep you informed of what is going on in your community 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Sunday we will print a special edition highlighting the beauty and the fury of this past week's storm.
It shouldn't, but it still amazes and encourages us to hear about and see acts of bravery and compassion that occur during emergencies created by nature.

The people of Newton County have always come to the aid of their neighbors in need; we expect no less will happen this time.

Many of our neighbors have lost their homes and possessions. Almost all have found that they have no flood insurance, which is required to cover these losses.

To see most of your material belongings disappear in front of your eyes is a devastating experience. We are sure the prayers of the community are with those families.

If any group or church wants to start a fund to help our neighbors in need, please contact us and we will give your group our full editorial support.