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Henderson did it to himself
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No one can question the fact that there were a lot of fireworks at the last Newton County Board of Commissioners public meeting.

The BOC chairman, to our expectations, had his proverbial wings clipped politically, and rightly so. However, unexpectedly, Commissioner J.C. Henderson had many of financial powers stripped also.

This action has brought out a howl of indignation by, first, Henderson himself, who immediately brought out the race card against his tormentor, Commissioner Nancy Schulz.

Unfortunately Henderson’s action then caused some leaders in the African-American community to rally to his defense.
First, we want to make clear our opinion that the fact that Henderson happened to be black had nothing to do with the action taken at the BOC meeting. The action taken against him was nothing more than political payback for Henderson’s actions throughout the 17 years he has been in office — nothing more and nothing less. We feel to make something more of it is wrong, and Mr. Henderson himself knows that. He can show that he has character by personally stopping talk that this action was racially motivated.

Second, residents of the fourth district have a right to be concerned that their representative has been stripped of most of his power. They feel that this was done illegally, and the fact that it wasn’t on the published agenda, which by tradition is how business is conducted, was nothing more than a rotten trick to them.

We understand their concern and those community leaders deserve an answer. If this action did not follow protocol, then it should be taken back and protocol followed.

Right or wrong, Henderson brought this action on himself by his past political decisions. To go on and use race as a means to take pressure off himself for his past actions does nothing but cause possible unrest in our community and will bring the national and state media running to the community to stir the pot, which in this case doesn’t need to be stirred.