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Great corporate citizen
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One of the most exciting times for a community is the announcement of a brand new industry coming to town. The excitement about new jobs and more tax money is thrilling, particularly in this economy.

However, after the euphoria wears off, some of those industries are never heard from again but continue to steadily churn away.

In our community, we’re fortunate to have some major industries that continue to be intricately involved in the welfare of the community. General Mills is one of the best examples of such a company with employees who actively volunteer and a corporate philosophy that promotes giving monetary donations to local nonprofits.

This year, the company gave $190,000 in grants to dozens of nonprofits. You can go to to read see the fortunate beneficiaries of this kindness.

We salute General Mills and their employees for making a difference here in Newton County and we are proud to call them neighbors and friends.