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Good for our schools
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We are pleased the education SPLOST garnered a majority of the votes cast in Tuesday’s special election.

The money the 1 percent sales tax brings in to the school system ensures buildings and technology will be kept up to date, which will allow our property tax dollars to go to the business of educating children.

Newton County needs to show prospective businesses that its residents are concerned about improving public education. Money alone doesn’t improve the quality of education, but neither taking needed money away from the system.

Education SPLOST dollars can be used with some flexibility; plans can be changed. Citizens who feel strongly about specific issues need to attack those issues head on. Eliminating an important funding mechanism entirely from the school system due to opposition to a specific issue, such as building a new Eastside High School, would have caused significant collateral damage.

Ideally, the SPLOST election should be held during a primary or general election; however, no matter what side of the discussion you were on, we can all agree that only 3.3 percent voter turnout is shameful.

For our community to grow and be successful in the years to come, quality public education is critical. The education of our children should always be viewed as a top priority and not a burden.