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Good for Newborn
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Newton County has many small diverse communities that contribute to culture and personality of the county. Each one of the communities has its own heart and own strength of character that sets it apart from the other communities in the county.

Last week a Dollar General officially opened its doors in Newborn. For the first time in the town’s rich history, Newborn’s residents have a bona fide chain retail store.

Newborn Mayor Roger Sheridan said the opening of the store fills a real void in the little town. The mayor is spot on.

In larger communities the arrival of a Dollar General or any store of its kind is looked at as a non event. But in Newborn, the arrival of Dollar General is akin to having a Macy’s or a JCPenney move to your town. That’s the way it works in a small community. Because of the population and tax base, big retailers don’t see a need to service towns like Newborn. That’s not the case for our fellow Newton County brethren anymore.

We are glad for the residents of Newborn that they have a place to shop and call their own. Not only that, the sales tax generated by the Dollar General from those residents’ will go back into the community. It’s a win-win situation. 

Economic growth in our county is economic growth no matter how you cut it.