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Good business
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Newton County continues to receive positive business news, as head industrial recruiter Roger Harrison reported he has around 23 open projects he's working, with at least one new coming in weekly.

While the county seems primed for big growth, it's always important to temper expectations. Economic development is a numbers game, and local officials would be lucky to land even 10 percent of the business being discussed.

At the same time, that 10 percent would still represent millions of dollars in investment and hundreds of good-paying jobs.

We're hopeful the local office of economic development will be able to give us more good news soon and follow up on the momentum the Baxter International announcement brought.

In another positive business move, Covington now has full control over the roads around the square as the city and state recently completed a swap of a portion of Ga. Highway 36 for a portion of the Covington Bypass Road.

The switch is significant because the roads around the square will no longer be a state highway, meaning city official no longer need permission from the state to block them off for events and filming. Both of those things potentially bring money to the city and area merchants, so it's a good thing the city will now be able to make the decision itself.

We hope better times are on the way.