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Go to the source
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In Sunday’s paper, there were two stories that should be read because both affect your pocketbook.

One told of a prominent Atlanta builder who has pulled out of our area for now, saying that we are at least two years away from another possible building boom.

That news is disheartening, as it means that we are still two years away from a full recovery.

In another story, the chairman of the Newton County Board of Commissioners requested that community taxpayers call him this week at 678-625-1225 to discuss their thoughts on what to do with the budget that commissioners are working to finalize.

We hope you will call the chairman, instead of talking with your friends at cocktail parties or other gatherings, and tell him what you would like to see the commissioners do. Go right to the source.

It looks like things are going to remain tight here for a while longer. You need to let the folks who are representing you know if you wish to have your taxes raised or not. If you want to maintain the services you currently have, are you willing to pay the increased taxes to maintain them?

Commissioners soon will vote on next year’s budget. If you do not express your views, in our opinion, you have no right to complain about how they vote on your future.

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