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Getting schooled
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The Newton County school board is set to approve its 2011-12 school budget.
We appreciate their efforts and the efforts of Superintendant Dr. Gary Mathews and his administration in doing everything possible to ensure that taxpayers of Newton County were not saddled with any additional tax burdens.

This type of leadership is nothing less than refreshing in these economic times, these trying times, but it's what we've come to expect from Mathews and company. They kept the budget process open and the public involved throughout. They said that costs would have to be cut, and they stuck to their plans.


We wish Newton County commissioners would consider taking a similar approach in their budget process. Chairman Kathy Morgan has asked for public input, and that's a great step.

Now, we just hope that we can keep Mathews in Newton County. As we reported online on Friday, there's some interest back in Mathews' native Louisiana for our superintendent to return as the superintendent of state schools there.

We can see why there would be such interest in Mathews as a candidate. His departure would be a great loss to our schools and this community, but it would be the capstone move in a stellar career.

We would of course wish him well, but we selfishly do hope he stays here.