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Gaming the system
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As a rule, Americans are giving and caring people.


That’s why we have safety nets such as unemployment benefits, food stamps and food banks, and social welfare programs and disability programs.


It’s also why it is always discouraging when we read about or hear about people who receive benefits unfairly, simply because they know how to game the system.


Last Sunday night on CBS’ "60 Minutes’’ news program, there was a segment about people who collect disability payments from the government. According to that report, close to 40 percent of the people collecting disability payments are doing so fraudulently.


This many people undeservedly taking money out of the system, while many of you are working two jobs and supporting the system through tax dollars, is appalling.


Someday, the staggering number of people who are taking advantage of the kindness and hard work of their fellow citizens will bring this issue to a tipping point. And when the American people rebel against paying for these welfare programs, the ones who will be hurt will be those who truly need the assistance.