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Expensive extracurriculars
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In a letter to the editor in Friday's paper, K. Miller made some very interesting points on the escalating costs of students' extracurricular activities, both in our schools and in other community programs.

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For the last 15 years the cost of having a child participate in extracurricular activities has skyrocketed to the point that some parents go into debt just so their child could compete and socialize with their peers. This is very upsetting.

Young people are all over the county knocking on doors or standing in intersections selling something in order to raise money for uniforms or a trip or school supplies; this puts a strain on the homeowner, the parent and the child.

The thousands of dollars that are taken out of our community every year in order to see that our children can play or perform is alarming.

Times are tough financially not only for families but also for local merchants who typically help support certain teams and clubs.

There was a time not too long ago when it was the practice to pass on uniforms. From year to year, the styles stayed the same.

The uniforms were replaced when they were worn out and needed to be replaced. Hand-me-downs never hurt anybody.

This country is experiencing difficult economic times so it makes sense that coaches, school administrators and leaders of every other organized group take stock of what is really needed for children to get involved in extracurriculars.

We want our kids to understand the value of winning, but you can win just as easily if you eat potluck dinners and wear older uniforms.