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The filming industry and subsequent tourism has been one of the few bright spots in our local economy during these recent down years.

As it has continued to grow, we know that some residents and businesses have occasionally been inconvenienced from time to time, which has led to some frustration.

The Covington mayor and council were wise to appoint a committee to review the issues and suggest some policies for filming in our city; however, we need to remember that this committee is only tasked with making suggestions. Any policy changes that affect local filming rightly fall on the shoulders of the city council.

We hope that the council does not set too strict of rules in place based on the loud cries of only a minority of local citizens that would in any endanger our relationship with the filming industry.

Of course, if there are abuses they surely need to be worked out, and we believe they can be worked out without implementing strangling regulations.

We have to keep in mind that one of the reasons the industry came here in the first place is because of the ever-increasingly strict regulations they faced in California.

Let's not unnecessarily hinder an industry that is currently laying the proverbial golden egg in our community.