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Don't give up for Lent, just give
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The official start of the Lenten season began this past week and we have heard many of our friends and colleagues talking about what they were going to give up for the 40 days leading up to the celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

It is interesting that people who are not regular church goers still follow the tradition of performing some type of sacrifice during this period.

During this Lenten season we offer a suggestion that instead of giving up, you plan to give.

Our food banks always can use food to assist folks who are still having a hard time making ends meet for their families...

In Newton County, the Garden Gethsemane Homeless Shelter can house up to 76 residents.

The items they need the most are perishable foods, and funds to keep the roughly $4,000 monthly utility bills paid.

So this year we hope you might consider as your sacrifice for lent that you visit your local grocery store and load up a few bags of groceries each week.

If there was ever a time as Christians that our prayers and good works would actually help our fellow man, it is now.

We hope you feel better about following our suggestion than if you gave up candy or booze, and for sure your neighbors will appreciate your giving sacrific.