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Dispose of drugs
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We remember a time, not so many years ago, when people believed that drugs were taken only by the bad guys, and that our nice families were immune from such addictions.

Today, we realize there is a drug for every age and every person and even those drugs make for the best of purposes can be perverted for false pleasure.

Part of the problem comes from legally prescribed drugs, which are carelessly stored or discarded when we no longer need them.

Parents have to be aware that living in an era of social media and instantaneous communication allows their children to learn about how drugs cause certain changes in one's body. Through peer pressure, the benefits of those changes are trumped up and children are all too often willing to experiment.

We're not necessarily dealing with bad kids or uncaring families, rather careless families.

If you have had a loved one die recently and still have their prescription drugs, or if you have had an illness yourself and no longer need your medicine, we ask that you consider disposing of your drugs safely by visiting either of our area Walmarts and giving those drugs to the Newton County Sheriff's Office between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. April 28.

Sheriff Ezell Brown says that no questions will be asked.

Dispose of the drugs you no longer need the safe way and leave them with the sheriff's office. Let's not add any more temptations to our children's already complicated lives.